Short-term buying helps deliver long-term business growth for our clients

Mediability plans and buys press media in all its forms, including magazines, national newspapers and local press.

Where we differ to most other media buying points is the way in which we buy much of our press space.

We buy press space short; one of very few media agencies who specialise in this approach to press media buying.

It is a labour-intensive method, requiring much experience and the constant monitoring of daily changes in the supply and demand for media space in a wide range of publications. We carry out a weekly round-up of all the magazine and newspaper last-minute availabilities and supply this to our clients as the basis for discussion about that week’s media opportunities. This enables us to buy at the very bottom of the market and save substantial sums for our clients – whether they spend several £million or a few thousand pounds a year. We have a very stable client list, most of who have been with Mediability for between 10 and 20 years – a testament to the value that they have experienced from this approach to media buying.