Media Buying

Buying media short-term is at the very heart of what we do.

We are a media agency that has a distinctly different approach to media buying when compared to most other media agencies.

It is that approach that often means the difference between an advertiser being able to run a profitable advertising campaign – or not.

Our approach is based on two principles:

  1. Accurately identifying who it is that we need to speak to, and establishing how best they can be reached through media communication channels.
  2. Buying media short.

The first of these is an area where a number of media agencies would claim to be experts. The second is an area where very few media agencies could claim to be experts.

To be experts in both, as we are, is rare.

Buying media short is what defines Mediability. We are one of very few media agencies who specialise in this approach to media buying. It is a labour-intensive method, requiring much experience and the constant monitoring of daily changes in the supply and demand for media space in a wide range of publications. We carry out a weekly round-up of all the magazine and newspaper last-minute availabilities and supply this to our clients as the basis for discussion about that week’s media opportunities. This enables us to buy at the very bottom of the market and save substantial sums for our clients; whether they spend several £million or a few thousand pounds a year. We have a very stable client list, most of who have been with Mediability for between 10 and 20 years – a testament to the value that they have experienced from this approach to media buying.

But low cost media space only has a value if it’s targeted at the right people.

We have a lot of experience in defining all types of target audience and then establishing their media consumption habits using both attitudinal and demographic data. This works in tandem with our sophisticated in-house results analysis system which allows us to constantly modify and improve campaigns.