DR or not DR…TV campaigns that pay for themselves

At Mediability, we are experienced in planning and buying TV campaigns not just within the specialism of DRTV, but also campaigns that deliver against brand objectives.


The direct response principles we apply to print media we also apply to DRTV. Each spot has to perform and generate profitable returns in its own right, rather than be, as is the case with brand advertising, an increment of coverage and frequency towards an overall brand objective.

Daytime, low rating, “wallpaper” TV with relatively low viewer engagement is more likely than higher profile programming to generate manageable volumes of response at a cost effective and profitable level.


We are equally proficient with “brand” TV. Here, our focus is on giving our clients access to the very best airtime deals, based not only on cost per ‘000, but on other elements such as peak percentage, position in break, centre break percentage and access to leading programmes. We provide full campaign management and post-campaign analysis and can demonstrate that through precise targeting and a full understanding of the marketing objectives, an effective, sales-driving TV campaign can cost much less than you think.